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    Problem with NTLM authentication to an HTTPS site




      I am trying to connect through the Web Gateway to an https site (using grizzly library). I can see that the ntlm dancing occurs (message type 1, message type 2 and message type 3). But when the target site is an HTTPS I receive a 407 error (authorizationrequired) after message type 3. For what I can tell the NTLM messages are correcty.

      This does not occur if the target site is HTTP. The difference is that the NTLM headers are send through the CONNECT http command.

      I attach the tcpdumps for a http and https (one is listening to the port 9090 when the target site is an HTTP site and the other one is when the target site is HTTPS).

      This issue does not occur when I try to connect to a Https site through an http proxy in an ISA Server.


      Thanks in advance for any help.