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    Hacker intercepting traffic - SSLSplit


      Was using my laptop when I went to check my phone where a notification came up saying Hacker intercepting traffic followed by the words SSLSplit. After this I found the same notification on both phones using mcafee and my tablet (no idea if my laptop would give it off as well). I've had another notification like this a few weeks back, but that was only on my tablet and didn't seem to come up on my phone. That old notification also never said SSLSplit (pretty sure), so that was a likely hoax. This one seems real, even though my personal wifi is a generic home wifi with password. I've turned off the router and disconnected all devices, what can I do now to stop the attack and prevent future ones? I've read a little about this man in the middle sort of attack, but am not technologically minded, should I call my service provider for help?