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    ENS 10.5.2 RTM (Finall Release) 29.08.2017


      ENS 10.5.2 RTM (Finall Release) 29.08.2017


      Package 10.5.2 RTM works fine and we have been invoilved in 10.5.2 RTS Testing which worked fine too for weeks now. Two customer rolled out of our bunch of many.


      * We have an error in EPO 5.1/5.3 Software Manager

      * You can check in the BUNDLE of 10.5.2 > OK

      * If you TRY to CHECK in PATCH 2 Platform or Threat in Software Manager it FAILS (Download manual Binary works no Proxy/Webgateway/IPS)


      WORKAROUND: Press DOWNLOAD Button in Software Manager ONCE (Do not Change SAVE Location > Just SAVE)

      Then the other CHECKIN for the PATCH works.


      After the MESS (I can only say it that way!) with the HF1 + HF2 related to CURRENT and PREVIOUS branch AGAIN a BUG.

      We understand that you had to PUSH on the 10.5.2 release because of existinng problems but please change or fix it for EPO 5.1-5.3 (Older than 5.9 maybe it works there)

      All on PREMISE customer we have are on 5.3.