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    Manual Full Scan Version/Build 16.3.163


      I ran a Full scan and it reached 37% in 2 minutes/56% in7 minutes/78% in 15 minutes/and completed in 56 minutes total runtime. C: Drive 211,073 files. Prior scans took 1 hr 58 minutes.

      It is my opinion that the prior scanning issues have been addressed. I ran a Quick scan and it completed in 2 minutes/3220 files.

      Has anyone else received this Version/Build and ran one as well?


      Thank you for any input.

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          I might add that the scan did not (Hang/Pause) yet increased percentage wise until completion.

          I will perform another Manual Full Scan later to determine if it is even quicker, the second go-around.

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            I just did a manual full scan with 16.3.163.  I did 158124 items and took 51 minutes.   Although the % complete value did change, it still did not seem to jive with the number of items.  


            For example:

                  27% - 3280 items

                  46% - 24,421 items

                  55% - 40,660 items

                  66% - 62,489 items

                  77% - 96,861 items

                  80% - 110,035 items

                  85% - 156,190 items.


            After 85% it jumped to 100% 158,124 items.   So I don't think the % complete is tied to number of items.


            Note, previous scan on previous version did 157,968 items, and took 41 minutes.  Scan before that too 34 minutes, and did 164,210 items.


            And, Catdaddy,  on your scan, if it took only 15 minutes to reach 78%, why was the total time so much longer (56 minutes)?

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              If you would read the other thread, you will (notice) that it took 1hr 58 mins on the prior build.. So yes there is a significant improvement. For it to run a Full Scan in 51/56 minutes, for the sake of me I cannot understand how one can complain?


              It progressed in increments even after the 1st 15 minutes until completion.(See post #1)


              Plus given the fact that it is the new LAM scanning engine,in my opinion the changes implemented has reduced the time it takes. I have not ran another scan yet,but will do so later.


              Thank you for your input.