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    Fake Microsoft Scam/Phone Call


      It happens....I just received one myself and quickly explained to the individual from India. That I was a Moderator for McAfee and my system is just fine...He hung up.

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          LOL. I've gotten that call too and could hardly understand/hear the dude. Once I processed Microsoft computer, I said you're a scam and hung up. I wish I would have thought to mess with him first.

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            Yeah, me too, several times. I used to string them along but I got tired of doing that. The last unfortunate person who tried it was a woman in a very noisy environment with an accent so strong I could hardly understand her. I told her in no uncertain terms that most people were now aware of this scam and that whatever outfit she was working for was a bunch of despicable fraudsters. I was not kind.


            I don't get these calls any more since my ISP (BT) has finally introduced an effective and free call-blocking system which lets me shut out all calls from overseas and from unrecognised numbers. Spoofed numbers get added pretty fast to their database of blacklisted numbers. I haven't had to create a personal blacklist since I signed up for the service. Life is so much quieter

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              Yep   I have call selection also. It does indeed help to almost entirely stop those %$@!&###'s. I can also manually block up to 50 numbers.