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    Safeboot 5500 Build Changelog


      Any one got any info on what has changed on the new Safeboot 5500 Build. I which bug are fixed what are if any diffrences or echancements. Thanks and have Very Happy New year.
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          you'll find this in the release notes contained on the build image itself.
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            Yes I seen it in previous releases but not this one.

            • 3. Main changes
              Mainchanges in this build are as below:

              • Rebranded fully to McAfee Endpoint Encryption
              • Product code removed from setup application
              • Memory allocation issues fixed which results in hanging/rebooting loop in preboot
              • Some cosmetic changes
              • Additional general bugfixes

              If you need any specifics on any issues you were experiencing before let me know.
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                we are currently running 5300 build in the production and 5400 with Motion computing patch. But also had an issue with Fujitsu Siemens LIFEBOOK T1010 case number 3-545544876. The Lifbook issue is fixed in the 5500 build but before deploy new version wanting to know what other changes went in and how much testing done on this version. Also does this inculdes the Motion Computing Tablet fixes.

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                  When you go into the downloads area, there is a tab for software downloads and a tab for documentation.

                  In ProductReleaseNotes.zip you can look at Endpoint Encryption for PC Product Release Notes.pdf for change details.
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                    Thanks Thats what I been looking for.
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                      We discovered and confirmed with Mcafee Support that their is an issue with some laptops that when upgrading from 5.13 or lower to 5.16 (5420 build) or 5.17 that the machine may not boot up. For these computers upgrading from 5.1.3 to 5.1.6 or 7 will not work and you will have to decrypt the computers first and then reencrypt with the newest version. Particular models are the Dell E series. You will get a freezing screen prior to the Safeboot progress bar in IRRT SATA mode, and just an endless reboot cycle in AHCI and standard SATA mode.
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                        This is disturbing news, not good at all.

                        Is there some way of recognizing which computers could be infected, BIOS version or something other or is it all Dell E series?

                        Are you forced to manually decrypt a drive once the installation is complete and the computers freezes?
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                          So far we have ran across the Dell ESeries and I came across one Sony Vaio (not sure the model). I think it comes down to certain SATA controllers and SATA raid controllers. In the release notes somewhere it talks about this. The new files you have to associate in the 5420 and 5500 build is "Update number of sides reported by the OS boot Sector". This fixes the problem on a fresh install but does not work on an upgrade. We asked if this was going to be fixed in V6.0 so that an upgrade would work and was told that they would put in a feature request (which means probably not). I dont really see this as a feature request as a major flaw they should point out in the release notes
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