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    update to 16.0.3 was troublesome


      Today I noticed the McAfee taskbar icon was gone.  Usually that means an incomplete update and I restart the PC to get it back.


      I restarted the PC and found I was updated to 16.0.3, security center version 16.3.163 but with a date of 8/8/17 (the date I was updated to 16.0.2).


      I did a manual update and it downloaded and installed updates (so it said).  I left the window open during the update.  When done, McAfee said computer was at risk because real time scanning was off.  In the past when I've seen this, I restart the PC and all is fine.


      But at this restart, the versions were still 16.0.3, security center version 16.3.163, but still with a date of 8/8/17.


      And I started getting Windows warnings in the Action Center that Defender was off and the firewall was off and there was no virus protection.


      I restarted the PC just to be safe and still got the Windows warnings about Defender, the firewall and the virus protection.  It appears McAfee either didn't start or didn't notify Windows correctly.  McAfee says the firewall is on, and real time scanning is on and my computer is safe.


      I did another manual update and it downloaded and installed updates again.    After the updates were installed, there was no warning about my computer being at risk and the Windows warnings went away.  Version is now 16.0.3, Security center 16.3.163, but now has the correct date 8/22/17.


      Shouldn't automatic updates go more smoothly?  Why do I need to update manually when I have set automatic updates.


      I am running Windows 7.

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