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    Agent Handler in the DMZ for Internet Clients


      Hi Mcafee Masters.

      I cannot get my head around the configuration required to be able to Agent Wake ups with Clients out on the internet.

      Now. First of all, I would like to apologise if this question has been done to death, but with all the treads I have read I have still not get this right in my noggin. (Head)


      So, I'm building a new EPO environment. (Previous EPO 4.6.6 that is now ready for retirement) This time around I would like to be able to preform Agent Wake ups with my clients out on the internet. As I understand it, to do this, I need to have a Agent Handler in the DMZ.

      I have built this.


      But I don't understand how the AH connects to the internet.. Specifically, I take it that it has to sit directly on the internet with a Public IP? You cannot use NAT on the connection from the Perimeter Firewall to the AH as this stops the feature I would like to have from working.


      Is this correct? So my AH would need to have a Public IP directly on it?