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    Coaching for Goolge's Search-page Translate


      First a gripe: “https://www.google.com/async/translate*” is not categorized as a "Text Translators" by trustedsource.org, and I've submitted it twice for review--the second time, explaining that it's the translation service embedded in Google's search page when you search for "translate".


      Try it: turn on rule tracing, and do a Google search for "translate".  The embedded translate comes up in the search results.  Type some text into the box.  Notice there is roughly a request to that URL (with parameters, though it's a POST) for each character you type into it.  When someone is breaking the rules, we get multiple DLP incidents simply because of the number of requests generated when someone is typing into it, which is itself a problem.


      Unfortunately, because trustedsource.org doesn't categorize that URL as text translator, we found that users weren't getting the coaching page for translators.  And, that's a headache for our DLP team.


      So, I did a little mod to force that URL to the coaching page.  Unfortunately: "Oops! Google Translate did not respond: please try again!"  Well, at least it's now broken in a secure way.


      Now I'm pondering how to get the search page itself to redirect to the coaching page--but only when the embedded translate service is present.  It's not that straight forward, is it?


      Anyone have some creative insight into this problem?

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          have you already tried to re-categorize the website yourself on the web gateway? Might be a workaround for you while the site is under review by the trustedsource team.
          To do this you can go to "Policy -> Settings -> URL Filter -> Default", here you can add a new list to overwrite the categories.


          I am pretty sure the redirect based on the category should just work fine then even though it's just a workaround no solution..

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            Oh I just went ahead and wrote it into the rule.  That's the habit I got into before I learned about that feature, and so now I keep forgetting about that feature.    The nice thing about that feature though, is that you can grant permissions on those lists for others to manage rather than having to go at it with admin rights.