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    Change computer group via Powershell?


      I've been messing around with the EPOwershell module and it seems like a great tool that really should get some professional Mcafee attention.


      Anyway I'm trying to build a tool which automates a good portion of new machines that get put out to new users.  If there were a way to automatically move machines to different groups I can completely avoid getting into the EPO console.  Now I'm not the "EPO guy" but I have enough access to at least get my powershell script to work as it currently is.  There has to be a way to move computers to specific groups automatically via a script.  I don't want something that applies to all machines, I need to be able to target specific machines and move them if needed.


      Thanks guys!

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          Not sure the EPOwershell module supports a function to do that, but you can use the system.move call in the ePO Web API.


          system.move names parentGroupId [autoSort] - Moves systems to the specified destination group.


          Check the API guide if you need more help.  I think "names" takes a comma-separated list


          https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 24000/PD24810/en_US/epo_510_rg_Web%20API…


          If you've got specific questions, feel free to post some code and we can take a look.

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            Thanks for the response!


            Is it possible to use the invoke-webrequest in powershell to do the same thing?  If so what would the syntax be when trying to move a machine from the default group to "My Organization\Z-Disabled Devices\Workstations\Encrypted\Preboot DISABLED"?


            The EPOwershell module makes things very simple:


            function encryptComp {

                #The commented out code does not move to the desired group.

                #Get-EpoGroup -GroupPath "My Organization\Z-Disabled Devices\Workstations\Encrypted\Preboot DISABLED" | Get-EpoSystem

                get-eposystem "$destComp" | Add-EpoTag -tagname "EE:ALDU - Endpoint Encryption Add Location Domain Use" , "Deploy-MDE"

                get-eposystem "$destComp" | Send-EpoAgentWakeupCall