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    Superagent Port and Documentation




      Can someone point me in the right direction regarding the Superagent and port 591? I can't find that port # listed in the ePO Orchestrator 5.3 Product Guide yet that's what our clients are using.


      Background: I created a new Windows VM to serve as a Superagent. I also setup the policies to point clients to it. Servers on the same subnet are communicating with the Superagent. 


      Desktops can't communicate with the Superagent because they are attempting to communicate on port 591. We need to open that port in our firewall but our Cyber and Change management groups requires official documentation from the vendor on which ports its software uses. Port 591 is not listed in the McAfee ePO product guide. I did find the port listed here in another discussion: Failed to connect, error 10061 ( No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. )


      Using netstat, we can see the clients are using 591 and we can see the firewall blocking port 591. So we know that's the port. Any suggestions?