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    Cannot install LiveSafe on Windows XP


      Note: This is a follow on from the thread "Cannot Install LiveSafe on Windows Vista or XP".  I have started a new thread because the issue with Vista was solved and it is only fair to identify that.


      My knowledgeable friend succeeded in installing SP3. It is clear that the McAfee's LiveSafe download site is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8.  Since all later versions are not compatible with XP.  Can anyone please point me to a suitable browser that is both compatible with Windows XP SP3 and McAfee's LiveSafe download site?

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          Have you tried foiling the downloader by using Firefox as your default browser?   Then saving the downloader to the desktop before trying?

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            Try the attached installer file I saved from June last year, "Save as" to your desktop first.

            You'll need to unzip it first.

            I've also forgotten what suite it was for as I've been testing so many at various stages.

            Normally I wouldn't save the installer file but in this instance I did for some unknown reason.

            I think it was the old Total Protection but maybe when it asks for the email and password it will give you something.

            Just trying to help.

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              Let me know if that works please.  ;-)

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                Sorry to take a while.


                I used the 'send me a link' feature to link to a (supposedly) known good installer.  Even with Firefox installed, the installation failed.  The installer briefly showed the 'checking your PC for threats' message before aborting with a window stating that there is a problem cleaning threats and that I should contact McAfee support and hand over cash.


                Since, it was only a couple of applications that I need XP for (and the PC was running very sluggishly), I decided backup the disk and to install a completely new and clean install of Windows XP.


                Everything necessary was installed with PC disconnected from the Internet.  Running the LiveSafe installer produces the 'checking your PC for threats' message. before it changes to a blank box with just the McAfee logo at the top. At the same time a balloon pops up from the system tray that says "Local Area Connection A network cable is uplugged." (which it has not been) and after a long delay, the same 'problem cleaning threats' box appears.  Clicking continue draws a new box stating that there is no internet connection or the server is unavailable (pinging anything (including my router) confirms that the local area connection is being blocked).  There can be no threats as the PC has not been connected to anything else prior to running the installer.


                It requires a restart to re-enable it.  Running LiveSafe installer just blocks it again with exactly the same messages.


                Any further ideas please?

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                  I'm afraid I can't think of anything other than maybe Google Search for a safe McAfee Security v12.8 download as that was the last version compatible.  We're now on 16.2.

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                    But why should I pay £99.99 for an older product where I have already paid for unlimited licences for the newer version (and it is also more than I paid for LiveSafe anyway)?  As far as I am concerned, I have paid for the protection, it is up to McAfee to deliver on the contracted terms ("unlimited licences"). I have the previous product installed but, of course, it's disabled because the subscription lapsed when I took out LiveSafe.


                    In an attempt to try to move this forward, I ran the install again and decided to use the networking wizard to try and re-establish the network connection.  When I pressed Alt-tab to bring the wizard to the front, I discovered another window totally hidden by the McAfee installation window, which asked if I wanted to cancel the installation (offering two buttons, 'Yes' and 'No'). On pressing 'No', the network mysteriously reconnected, and a box appeared checking for threats ("for a trouble free installation").


                    It was, of course, too good to be true as the installation triggered a BSOD (just as it did on the Vista installation - though obviously not for the same reason).

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                      Then for XP I would forget about McAfee and most likely Norton/Symantec also.

                      Look for Avast Free or Comodo Free if they still exist.