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    McAfee Live safe doesn't respond, I can't connect to internet


      Hey, I'm running Mcafee livesafe on my laptop, recently updated.

      Now it says realtime scan doesn't work properly and they're working on the problem.

      But I can't connect to the internet anymore with both firefox and edge (neither wlan nor internet connection seem to be the problem).

      It says "timeout when trying to connect to server". Network diagnosis doesn't find anything.

      I think the problem might be (mcAfee-)firewall related, or with some other mcafee internet activity.

      But Mcafee doesn't respond when I try to work on the firewall or even do a virus scan.

      I can't even shut down the Mcafee background processes in the task manager for some reason.

      I think it all has to do with the recent live safe update, or maybe a virus, but I don't know.


      Anybody knows a similar problem?