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    mcafee endpoind secu. and firewall on 10000 work stations (check update remotely?)


      Hi Team !

      I am an admin on a domain with about 10.000 windows workstations containing Mcafee endpoint security and mcafee firewall.

      Recently i received a lot of tickets in regards to the workstation telling us that some of theworkstations are not being updated.

      Is there a tool that i can use to remotely check the machine status of mcafee if online ?

      I am just using sccm center to check if the mcafee process is running properly and what version , but it will not tell me if the DAT file is up to date.

      Please let me know if you have an Idea.

      I was thinking about woring a batch that will ask me for the remote computer name , then check if it is online and then also check that status of the dat file.

      Ids there any program or command line available to check remotely ?

      Thank you !

      Kind regards