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    I installed the mcafee badge on my blog but does it even show ? would love some help as I havn't got an internet phone yet >.<


      Okay so I Installed the Mcafee badge I can see it for my desktop no problem, but people using mcafee are usually on the phone browsing the web am I right ? <Yes I'm like an old person when it comes to technology haha> My blog doesn't have the normal mobile version but it has an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) version does anyone know if the badge even showes up on amp pages while you'r browsing through the google serps ? Don't know if this helps you answer the question but my blog is https://pineappledeficiency.com/  thanks a lot if anyone knows the answer. as the badge is slowing down my blog a bit but its okay as long as it actually shows up in the serps.