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    DXL Broker in the DMZ


      I have a DXL Broker in a DMZ, with an Agent Handler in the DMZ. I have the DMZ DXL Broker in our DXL Fabric and all DXL Brokers are GREEN and Communicating with the TIE Server. The issue is external client communicating with the DMZ DXL Broker. When I look at the dxl_service.logs of an external client attempting to communicate with the external DXL Broker, I do not see the DMZ Broker in the Broker List. The dxl_service.log show the DMZ Broker as a restricted broker for the client to use for communication but the broker list does not show the desired Broker in the DMZ. Any help would be great. All network firewall rules have been tested and verified.


      The BOLD 21f63 is the DMZ Broker

      Broker List does not show DMZ Broker

      Full logs attached.


      DxlState: selected affinity node: {21f6343c-779e-11e7-1773-000c2931aca0}

      DxlState: broker parents: {73d10bce-3d75-11e6-1cda-0050568d3c8d}:,{bf992f86-505d-11e7-37f3-0050568c0057}: {73d10bce-3d75-11e6-1cda-0050568d3c8d},{ec01e35c-ef13-11e6-34d8-0050568d3c8a}:{7 3d10bce-3d75-11e6-1cda-0050568d3c8d}

      DxlState: affinity brokers: {21f6343c-779e-11e7-1773-000c2931aca0}

      DxlState: broker list: {73d10bce-3d75-11e6-1cda-0050568d3c8d};8883;it-tie.oakland.local;,{b f992f86-505d-11e7-37f3-0050568c0057};8883;opldxlbroker.opl.local;,{e c01e35c-ef13-11e6-34d8-0050568d3c8a};8883;it-dxlbroker.oakland.local;


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