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    Question on DLP using ePO 4.0


      I'm very new to McAfee products in general and especially in ePO/DLP. I installed a test environment for the evaluation of the McAfee DLP solution, and - of course wink - ran into some problems.

      I installed ePO v4.0 in combination with DLP agent 2.2 on W2k3 Server and SQL Server 2005 (latest updates in every case).

      From my actual understanding, I have to install a dlp agent on every system that should be monitored. Additionally, I have to define a dlp policy for the system. I wanted to do this via the ePO interface, but I could only install the "ePO Agent"

      , even if the DLP package is listed in "software":

      It is also not possible, to define a DLP policy:

      Can someone give me a hint, if I did/understand something basically wrong?

      Thanks & Regards,