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    Solidcore Blocking File Deletion


      Hello Community,


      I have Solidcore running on my Organization, currently we are implementing a new Application, this application will need to read from a configuration folder that we put in 'D:' drive.

      The 'D:' drive is Solidified, we will also be updating new files from time to time, means there will be file deletion and replacement, now every time we want to make changes either delete or replace configuration files on the 'D:' drive, Solidcore will block the delete or file replace task, the only way is to put Solidcore into Update Mode and then change to Enabled Mode again once file replacement completed


      Is there any other way that i could do this? put in a Solidcore Rules and make the 'D:' as a Trusted Directories or add it into Skiplist?

      Can someone please share the best practice to do this, changing to Update Mode doesn't seem like doing the job