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    Livesafe screenshots


      Bought a new laptop a couple of weeks ago (Windows 10) which had a Livesafe trial.  My desktop (Win7 Pro) had the Security Center and was just renewed.  I called to get everything on Livesafe and purchase a subscription.  Followed the sales reps emails and uninstalled the old Security Center on the desktop and installed Livesafe.  While I "think" I've got both set up correctly, the home screens don't match or make sense to me.  From the screenshots do I have both the laptop and desktop set up correctly or is there something I need to do?


      Thanks in advance for help,


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          That indeed does seem strange? As you can see mine is different.

          Perhaps our resident 2.5 Technician can add to the discussion.

          selvan Could you help us out here please?



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            I might add also,you could have removed your trial subscription from your laptop, and added it to your LiveSafe subscription you renewed on your desktop by simply going to your account.

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              Maybe the Desktop is classed as the main PC it trusts the others not the other way around. selvan  might know.

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                Your screenshot is what I would expect to see on at least one of them.  Does both your 2 machines show the same?

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                  I wasn't sure of the process since I had just renewed the old version on the desktop a few weeks ago.  I suppose technically I'm still in the trial period since it shows the subscription good until 8-28-2018.  Wonder if that would cause the different screens?

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                    So.....today I logged into McAfee.com with the laptop and clicked on the laptop and chose reinstall.  After it finished, I logged in with the desktop, chose desktop, and reinstalled.  No change the screens still show the same. 


                    On the laptop when I click on 8300 it brings up a Your Devices screen showing only the 8300 and says no information to show now (same as before reinstall).

                    On the desktop if click on either the laptop or 8300 it brings up the Your Devices screen that shows Laptop with a green check and a box (no green check) named 8300.  Click on the laptop box and it'll bring up some stats, while clicking the 8300 box brings up the same no information to show right now.


                    Hopefully, someone will know what's going on, if this is normal, or what I need to do to get it to normal.


                    Thanks again for any suggestions.

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                      Hi Dennis,

                                     If selvan does not reply, I will bring this up on our Conference Call Monday, to seek out a answer and report back to you.

                      Also are you using the  MCPR tool after removing from your Control Panel/Programs and Features?

                                      How to uninstall or re-install supported McAfee products using the Consumer Products Removal tool

                      My question is are you capable of accessing your Features?



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                        yes...You can also contact Technical Support McAfee Consumer Support Portal Via Phone being the quickest and ask for assistance. They may remote in and try to resolve your issues. You can escalate your service request if the 'Front Line' techs cannot resolve.

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                          I didn't use the MCPR tool.  On the desktop original uninstall I used the Control Panel-Remove.  The re-installs done earlier today were both done thru the McAfee website which handled it all.


                          As far as I can tell, I am capable of accessing the Features.  I click on the "Screen" right above the Secure.


                          I'll probably try Technical Support sometime tomorrow when/if I have some extra time to spend.


                          Thank you for all the help so far.