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    Admin Password For Safeboot Clients

      Recently, our administrative password that we use to log into client machines, changed. We aren't sure how exactly. We've reset the admin password, but not all clients seem to be recognizing the changed password.

      Some clients can be logged into using the old password, while others can be logged into using the newer password. One of my co-workers just encrypted a machine this morning. It is brand new out of the box and new to the Safeboot server.

      Yet, it didn't pick up on the new admin password.

      Anyone have any thoughts? I'm not sure what to look at............
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          post the client log - it will tell you which way the password is flowing.

          are you using offline or online install mode?
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            We only use online for installs. When you say client log, are you referring to the audit log? I am still learning all the whys and wherefores for Safeboot.
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              The clientlog can be found on the client's installation directory, usually C:\Program Files\SafeBoot\Sbclientlog.txt

              Also you can see for yourself, if it says anything regarding "Updating local token data for user SbAdmin with database changes" which indicates an update of the password.

              Note that the sbclientlog is only useful if it's from one of the clients that has issues with picking up the 'new' password.
              Another tip, make sure timestamps are correct on the machines, if the client's timestamp is newer than the one from the server, it wouldn't wanna update any passwords as it thinks it's newer then.. There's an option on the Sync tab from the machineproperties, to ensure the times are synced along with the server.
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                Ok. Thank you for the clarification. I have looked at a client that should've picked up on the new password and I can see entries for updating local token data, but I can still log into Safeboot with the old password.

                It was back around August when this happened, so all my clients should've picked up the new password.

                It's like something reverted back to the old password.
                It's really weird.
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                  if someone got the (old) password wrong on a machine which had not yet synced, then got it right and synced, then the old password would be reflected back up to the db and across everywhere.. The code tries to keep the password of the last successful login current everywhere, not necessarily the last changed password. (think about it - it makes sense once you work the logic through).