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    An issue with LAM engine


      I am a Chinese McAfee fan, and I have used McAfee for a long time, lately, I found that McAfee had upgraded its virusscan engine to a new LAM engine. Effectually this new engine reduces the perfermance impact to the least (although the previous engine, in my opinion, has already been running smotthly and unnoticeably in the system with few system resources occupied). It is a fascinating upgrade, congratulations!


      However, I also found an issue with this new engine, sometimes, it is not making the system work faster but on the contrary, slows it down, it happends when I run some programme the first time, it seems that McAfee will pre-scan each process before it is really running,  maybe McAfee constitutes a virtual enviroment to test the behaviour of the process, and gets feedback from the cloud server to judge whether it is a good or evil process, but it will suspend the programme for a short time, no response, just delay its starting off. Of course, after the job done, the programme will run as fast as there is no antivirus software. And the next time when I run this programme again, its process won't be pre-scanned and it will start off prompty, so, for higher security, I can accept this small impact on my system caused by McAfee's pre-scan.


      But recently I found, each time after McAfee has updated its engine and virus-dat, the pre-scan will work on again aganist the same progamme and its processes, and I am sure I have not updated the programme, but the same process needs to be scanned again by McAfee, again and again I have to suffer the short-time suspension, and I think such thing is a little unbearable.


      I hope this issue can be modified by your engineers.