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    Mcafee Account Dashboard Problem


      I had to update my computer in a way that kinda behaved like I upgrade my computer from (lets say for example) windows 7 to windows 10; naturally this migrated my mcafee product, and here's my real problem

      When I goto my mcafee account dashboard to reinstall/install mcafee on other computers (I have a LiveSafe Subscription), my tab that shows which computer its on clones itself; I asked mcafee phone support to take care of this, but no go


      the old icon on the far right was the original when I still did windows 7; the 2 on the left should really be just one


      TL;DR can any official mcafee person fix this so its like thisMcafee Bug.PNG

      and not thisMcafee Bug.PNG and I don't get swamped with multiple computer tabs for the SAME computer; or if this a job for mcafee phone support?