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    Two problems with the latest version


      I am running the latest version of McAfee, security center ver. 16.2 virusscan ver. 20.2 with the LAM engine. WIN10 ver. 1703


      I have encountered two boring bugs:


      1. Whenever it finds some virus, it will change the default system setting " not show the hidden files" to "show all the files", the next time I start the system, I will see lots of hidden files on my desktop, it is so boring for me to reset it manually each time. pls fix it.


      2. The second problem appear occassionally, while I don't know exactly what could trigger it. It looks like after I have finished an on-demand scan, and some time later, a process named "McAfee" will occupy CPU heavily, the cpu usage will be up to 30%-50%, and a process named "system" will occupy disk heavily, the disk usage will be up to 100%. and my laptop's fan will work furiously, estimated battery using time will lower down to 1-2 hours though previously it will be 7-10 hours. And this problem will disappear if I set off the real-time protection of McAfee or restart my system. pls fix it also.

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