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    Cannot Install LiveSafe on Windows Vista or XP


      I have 2 legacy machines that still run Windows Vista (software compatibility problems).  Having taken up a (so called) unlimited licences option with LiveSafe on my Windows 10 machines, the McAfee protection on the 2 Vista machines has expired.


      On the desktop PC: running the LiveSafe installer triggers a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD), the error message of which is unreadable as it only appears for a few milliseconds.  This is entirely repeatable.


      What I have tried:


      I have tried running the McAfee Virtual Technician.  It is not clear whether it is the installer or the technician itself that does not work. The only evidence is a box headed "Virtual Technician" which is otherwise blank except for a green square moving from left to right and back again ad infinitum (or probably would have been ad infinitum had I not got fed up watching it for 4 hours).


      On the laptop PC: running the LiveSafe installer at first appears to operate, in that it uninstalls the previous McAffee security centre.  A message then pops up requiring you to log in as an administrator when the PC reboots and it says that the installation will continue once you have done so.  Once one logs in as an administrator - absolutely nothing happens. Not a thing.  Trying to access the LiveSafe installation files on the Internet only takes me to a site that wants me pay again.  I could not access it the same way as the link to the subscription verification had gone with the uninstallation.


      What I have tried:


      I restored my original installation from my backup and tried again.  On this occasion, I saved the installer file before I ran it.  Running it instantly triggers a BSOD, again the error message is unreadable as it only appears for a few milliseconds. In addition, the laptop is rendered unbootable as well, requesting a Windows repair disc (OEM windows do not come with a Windows repair disc), which means yet another restoration from my backup .  This is also repeatable after multiple restores from the backup.  What I can't figure is why it nearly worked once and then repeatedly BSODs with an identical hard disc build.


      I also need to install LiveSafe on a Windows XP machine, again for software compatibility reasons, but no one here can figure out how to do it.  Again the original McAffee software has expired with the transfer to LiveSafe.

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          McAfee KB - How to prepare your Windows computer to download and

          Also read;

          McAfee KB - Minimum system requirements for McAfee LiveSafe .


          The current McAfee Security Suites do not support Windows XP. Version 12.8 is the most recent Security Suite to support Windows XP.

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            Thank you for the replies so far.  I checked out the minimum requirements as suggested and both PCs more than meet those requirements. I was going to try uninstalling the existing McAffee before trying to install LiveSafe.


            However, before I could do so, I met up with a friend last night who is pretty knowledgeable about PC problems.  I happened to mention my problems with installing McAffee and after he asked me a few questions about my PCs suggested that I call back at his place on the way home.  On doing so, he produced a hard disc drive and suggested that I restore my system image to this drive and try again to install LiveSafe.


            Not being able to see what possible difference the hard drive could make and expecting yet another wasted morning, I nevertheless did what he suggested.  Guess what?  It worked like a charm.  My existing McAffee product uninstalled and LiveSafe took its place.


            On enquiring with my friend, he pointed out that my hard drive was a 1TB drive and that the one he loaned me was a 500MB.  Not myself being able to see what possible difference it made, he told me that Windows Vista, out of the box, does not support hard drives larger than 700MB (it mostly works but some bits do not).  Apparently it's down to an Intel supplied driver.  As supplied with Vista it is limited to 700MB drives.


            If Vista is copied to a larger drive, it is supposed to auto update the driver as part of the regular update, but apparently the old driver prevents it from updating. The new driver can be manually downloaded and installed.  I tried updating the driver on my 1TB drive before I cloned the working 500MB drive to it.  It didn't make any difference: LiveSave still BSODed at an attempted install.


            Although I have answered that part of my question: can someone please tell me from where do I down load the Version 12.8 of LiveSafe to install on my Windows XP machine?

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              If the software detects XP then that is all that will be offered.  However, I have a feeling it may object as that OS is so old.  No harm trying however.   I managed to install Total Protection on an XP VM last year and it automatically installed an older version of the software.   Unfortunately the VM has long been erased so I can't offer much help beyond that.

              Best search the web for answers.

              That's interesting regarding the terabyte drive and Vista.  The answer probably would be to at least partition it into 2 500gb partitions.   Probably best to ask those questions on this extremely helpful forum, especially regarding the driver etc:   Vista Support Forums


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                I have not actually tried it, but I am informed that it is the size of the hard drive and not the partition size that is the issue.


                I cannot attempt my XP installation because the McAffee site appears to be broken.  I had to create a new account to post this question because I was unable to retrieve the password for the original one.  When requesting an e-mail link to reset the password, no e-mail was forthcoming.  Similarly requesting an e-mailed link for the installation of LiveSafe from the application itself, produces no e-mail.  How can I obtain a link?

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                  tiffany can you help here please?  Is the board email address retrieval system broken?

                  (I have alerted the Community Manager)

                  I assume you checked spam filters, junk mail folders etc?

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                    Yes, I did check the junk mail folders etc (though to be fair I did not think to do so until this morning - so good call).


                    I realised that my XP still has the older McAfee security centre on it so I should have been able to access the installer via the link from that application.


                    I discovered that it is not possible to install on XP because the web site that hosts the installer does not work with Internet Explorer 8 (though everything prior to the download page did).  Internet Explorer 9 (and later) is not installable on Windows XP.

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                      Did you try another browser as your default?

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                        This is XP SP3 right?

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