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    False Artemis!344D13FD0FDD & 850FBF0E2A77


      : Hi everyone,
      I need your help in removing a false detection of my programs.


      Here's Analysis ID from your virus lab.


      Artmis 850FBF0E2A77 -> Analysis ID: 10397070

      Artemis 344D13FD0FDD -> Analysis ID: 10397069


      mcafee caughte.png

      This two applications are being detected by Mcafee, and Mcafee GW Edition. (captured in Virustotal.com)

      Please escalate this issue for white-listing from two Mcafee application.(mcafee & mcafee-gwedition)


      If you need any further information for this two programs, please let me know.


      Thanks Always..