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    Lenovo Yoga Book on Windows 10 - virtual KB not working


      I just got a Lenovo Yoga Book. It's running Windows 10 and on the latest BIOS.  The Yoga Book has a "halo keyboard" rather than a normal physical KB.  https://www.windowscentral.com/lenovo-yoga-book-hands-on


      My employer insists that any machine on the network must have McAfee End Point Encryption installed.  I got it installed successfully.  However when the machine rebooted the McAfee login screen showed up on the screen but neither the pointer or McAfee virtual keyboard works,  To get around it, for now, every time I boot I plug in a physical USB KB just to enter the password. But the advantage of the Yoga Book is it's small form factor, so ab extra KB isn't optimal.


      Anyone run into this and found a solution ?