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    How to show EPO 5.3 dashboard on an unmanage screen


      Hi everyone.


      I'm sure the question has already been asked but I can't find the answer...

      We have a big screen to monitor our network and I'd like to show the EPO dashboard on it.  The simple way would be to create a user with only the basic right to show the dashboard and find a way to autologin on the epo webpage.

      Can it be done ?

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          Moe Hassan

          Hi lasm02, yes it can be done.


          dashboard user : create a custom group with limited rights, create a local epo user and add to that group.


          autologin : this is little tricky. you can have your browser "remember" credentials. It's not quite autologin but should work. there is a default timeout. you can change Menu-> Configuration-> Server Settings-> User Session.

          or manually change "session-timeout" in the file web.xml located in your ePO installation folder\Server\Conf

          User session setting or web.xml is not user specific. so bear in mind, it will apply to everyone.