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    mcafee application control


      I have the Mcafee application control version 8.0. I want to use the standalone mode for a laptop. I want to put the applications on CD/DVD into the whitelist, define the applications as updaters (new version come every month). In summary, I just want to be able to define a whitelist of applications which can be updated every month


      I have tried several things which did not seem to work.

           1. Created the whitelist with "sadmin solidify".  To define the application on the CD as a whitelist component, I had to copy the CD files to C drive before the solidify command since the program said that CD drive is an "unsupported volume".  This will not work for our application. We should be able to install the updater from the CD

           2.  Defined the updater using "sadmin updaters add   A.exe"  or "sadmin updaters add  B.msi" on all scripts and binary files. We have many .exe for the application and using 10+ commands lines for this step is not wise.

            I Also tried "Finetune.bat add A-application" but my application did not appear in the list of valid applications .   I do not think that my steps to define the updater are successful since I could not install the new version after step 2

           3. I do not want to use trust user or trust directory to install and to update software.  This worked for our applications


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you