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    Warning (popup or web page) when downloading files / accessing some sites?


      Hi everyone,


      I am struggling to have some kind of basic warning for users trying to download specific files (like URL.FileExtension equals "bat" for instance). A popup would be perfect, but a "warning page with confirmation" would be fine too.


      Basically the same as Need a Web Gateway rule to warn users of unverified reputation of url from 2012 and 2013.


      Something like this:

      I have tried to reuse what was done for the coaching page redirection (MWG Coaching Page with Comments ), and it works.


      It is using a custom blocking page that uses JavaScript in the blocking page in order to add specific HTTP headers and go forward after the confirmation. As far as I understand, it is also using "tricks" with the way MWG internally handles Coaching in the initial conditions given (Quota.Coaching.IsActivationRequest) to avoid another "fresh" MWG cycle.


      I would like to avoid Coaching if possible, if possible, as it seems a bad workaround.


      I cannot find a good way to deal with "Continue with download" though, as I cannot see how to avoid an endless loop after clicking the button "Continue with download": It loops to the exact same blocking page because it does not take into account the headers I add, beginning another MWG cycle with the unmodified page.


      This loop makes perfect sense of course, and I guess if I wanted to go further in this direction I will have to use Persistent Data Storage in order to "forward" the confirmation and avoid entering the loop after confirmation. Same as Coaching + PDStorage basically.


      Persistent Data Storage has always seemed pretty dangerous to use as you could very easily overwhelm the MWG by a misconfigured variable growing quickly out of control and blocking the proxy.


      Did you face the same need and found a solution, by any chance?