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    Infinite loop and/or email confirmation for device.


      On Edge browser true key extension goes in infinite loop and/0r continues to ask at every start to "Secure access via email confirmation."

      Also confirming and enabling the device (Edge broswser), at every boot again asks for email confirmation. I tried reinstall extension on two different devices, same problem, only with Edge browser.

      With Chrome and Firefox, it works smoothly.


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          Hi Zex, so if I understand correctly your are facing 2 random issues either the infinite loop or the prompting for you to enter your email confirmation. Can you please do a screen capture so i can have a better idea exactly where this is happening.


          Marc D..

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            Screenshot 1: on a Notebook (on Edge browser) I got always and only what U can see. Also after reinstalling extension.


            Screenshot 2:  on a desktop PC, Every time I start TK and type main password, I always ask for email confirmation.


            Screenshot 3: I open email and click on confirm,  and I have access.


            Screenshot 4: Then I click the blue button to authorize device.



            Unfortunately I always ask for email confirmation and I have to repeat the procedure all times (only with Edge)

            I also tried to delete all trusted devices and repeat the process. Same issue, always and only on Edge.

            Hope it helps