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      I am currently running Windows 10 with my browser being Microsoft Edge.


      Yesterday as I was signing on to my computer I got an error message and wondered if I needed to be considered about it. It was titled  "Security and Maintenance" then it  told me to pick an antivirus option
      "Turn on Windows Defender Antivirus, Turn an update VirusScan, Find an App online to protect your device". Today this hasn't happened.


      I tried to run the MVT and apparently some of the files are corrupt. I can't download and reinstall MVT unless I install Internet explorer.


      Can you help.


      Thank you.






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          Jerry, Internet Explorer is part of the OS so it is already installed.  Simply find it in your Start Menu or, assuming Win 10 (or 7 for that matter) simply type Internet Explorer in the Search box bottom left above the Start button.  (No need to make it the default browser).  Then type in the address line https://mvt.mcafee.com/ hit Enter and your at the download page.   I have no problem doing all that with Firefox though but then every OS is different.

          In Windows 7 and above Windows Defender can now be left on as it will run alongside any AV software in a sort of "headless" mode.   So I recall vaguely seeing that myself and I clicked the first option to Turn on WD, because I knew already that my McA software was on.   After a complete restart everything worked smoothly from then on.



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            I just tried to turn on windows I searched for windows defender and got windows security center and for some reason it disappeared. Am I gone to have to reinstall windows defender? Once I install IE  will I be able to get access to Windows Defender to turn it on?





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              No it's built into the system anyway.

              Forget about it.  As long as your McAfee is on and saying it's OK you're fine.

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                Hi Jerry,

                            As Peter stated as long as your McAfee says 'Secure' you are okay. However,here is more information Windows 10 Forums


                All the Best


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                  I have found a web page That will walk you through of how to schedule a scan through windows scheduler  but the following when I tried to following path I had to try to copy and paste it into the proper place rather than follow the steps on my computer. I don't know if this works. C:\PROGRA~1\McAfee\MfeAV\mfeODS.exe


                  The website address is inserted below. If you try it let me know if it works.

                  I took the liberty to insert the FAQ...TS102571 CD


                  I tried the link it will not work initially but after  a pause it will take straight to the page.


                  Thank you.



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                    Jerry - too many https and superfluous browser artifacts, try this one: TS102571