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    Sharing host info between ePO databases


      Does ePO have the ability to share info between two organizations?


      For example, can each ePO instance that mananges two seperate networks share host info similar to an intel feed?

      Like IP, Hostname and OS.


      There has to be strictly no way of administering each others network just if you search for a host that lies within the other network it returns generic information about that host.




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          Moe Hassan

          Hi beans90, assuming appropriate network connection/port/firewall has been configured, you can create a restricted custom group on each server. Permit only information you want to make available to other party. Give credentials to them and you are good to go. THis approach does not require any database connectivity from one server to the other. YOu are simply giving limited access to your server.


          Now, there IS a way you can "register" each ePO with the other server which will allow you to transfer systems/policies/tasks etc from one server to the other. By registering, you won't necessarily see information on the other ePO server. the main purpose of this registration is transferring.  However, you may still have to create that custom group with limited permission. If my understanding is right, you won't need to "register" the servers at all.

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            The custom group sounds like the best option.  I dont think registering the servers would work, essentially we are trying to implement a "feed" between two companies that work on a combined network.  So the moment and administration overlaps people would start to get funny about it.


            Thanks for your response ill let you know how it goes.

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              I think what you are looking for is "roll up reporting". You can roll up all your data in purpose made tables on one of your sql servers.