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    Safeboot Themes

      We are trying to create a new background for the safeboot login screen. I've found the were the default safeboot jpg's are and have replaced those with our jpg's and then created an installation set. But when we install the safeboot client, it still use's the default safeboot screen.

      The only way we've managed to get the screen's to change is by manually copying the images into the client folder. As we have 800 + laptops to encrypt i'm rather keen to avoid having to do this extra step.

      If it possible to create a new theme or am i missing a step out when i modify one of the default themes?
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          Hi Anded -

          A few things to check:

          • Did you create an Installation Set within the SafeBoot Console (I assume that's what you meant)?
          • Did you remove other themes from the file sets assigned to these computers?
          • Did you apply this set to the group(s) you want to make the theme change on?
          • Did you make sure that the setting on the computers/groups that controls files being sync'd is set properly?

          Chances are it's the last bullet, there is a setting - don't remember how it's worded, but either says "Never sync files" or "Sync Files" - make sure it's set properly and then force a sync on a few clients and you should see the theme come down if you look at the log on the client side.
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            My guess is that you neglected to specify where the files should be installed. Standard is APPDIR which is c:\program files\safeboot whilst the graphics.ini file specifies the APPDIR\Graphics\YYYxYYY where YYYxYYY is the resolutions 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 (for the images).
            That must be done for each of the files in your theme. Don't think there's a way to edit multiple files in that manor.

            So, you create your file group and load all the files, on each file right-click, select properties, choose Advanced on the right hand side and change the path under File Location.

            Should be that simple. Remove the Graphics folder on your test client and resync.
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              There's a whole chapter on Themes in the Device Encryption Administrators Guide?

              re where they go though - put them in the file group in the SafeBoot Database, then they will get deployed to everyone.
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                I should add that we have a theme creator application, so if you talk to your account manager and send them a graphic, they can have a theme made up for you.

                Failing that, I can probably do it if you send (attach) a really good quality picture to start with (full screen, the tool will chop it up for me).
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                  Are JPG files supported for pre-boot? I thought it was just BMP and PNG. We use PNG because they look cleaner than a JPG and are way smaller than a BMP (and no royalties/copyrights on the format).
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                    no, jpg is not supported pre-boot, and there are no jpg's in the standard theme - I thought it was just a typo in the OP's post.
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                      How would I find out who my account manager (at McAfee?) is so that I can get this done?

                      Alternatively, I found the page or so in the Administrator's guide not quite helpful enough with customizing the graphics. Is there anything better available?
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                        Manual editing of the theme config files isn't too hard if you strip out all but one resolution. Then you can make more sense of it and try making a few changes at a time, until you get what you wanted. We set a few custom graphics and moved the "select a token" message behind the login box. Tokens don't mean anything to our users, since they only use a username/password.
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                          Not to change the direction of this discussion, but does anyone know if there is a way to change the text of the token list? We are a password-only shop, but I can't tell you how many hundreds of times now I've been told users are unable to figure out they need to click "Password-only token" to get their login box back after closing the login interface.
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