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    Epo 5.3.2 RSD


      hello i have this issue. if i deploy RSD via ePO it is OK. if i try to remove the RSD from the systems via ePO it does not work:

      if i remote connect the same system and from control panel i uninstall RSD , no problems


      why RSD uninstall via ePO is not working ?

      thanks in advance for your cooperation


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          just found that uninstalling first VSE 8.8 via ePO then uninstalling RSD via epo works. then i reinstalled VSE 8.8

          instead of removing VSE i tried to disable "access protection" and "on-access scanner" but in this way RSD uninstall is not working with the err msg above.


          any idea ?


          i swear that days/weeks ago i hadn't problems installing/uninstalling RSD from ePO...