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    Epo 5.3.2 RSD


      hello i have this issue. if i deploy RSD via ePO it is OK. if i try to remove the RSD from the systems via ePO it does not work:

      if i remote connect the same system and from control panel i uninstall RSD , no problems


      why RSD uninstall via ePO is not working ?

      thanks in advance for your cooperation


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          just found that uninstalling first VSE 8.8 via ePO then uninstalling RSD via epo works. then i reinstalled VSE 8.8

          instead of removing VSE i tried to disable "access protection" and "on-access scanner" but in this way RSD uninstall is not working with the err msg above.


          any idea ?


          i swear that days/weeks ago i hadn't problems installing/uninstalling RSD from ePO...

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            I'm still stuck with this problem.

            as workaround, for the many RSD i "wrongly" depolyed, i created a policy to disable the sensor.

            still don't understand why install via ePO works in seconds and a subsequent uninstall fails as reported above

            any idea?

            thanks in advance for sharing and cooperate

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              Moe Hassan

              boschind, are you running the most current extensions for RSD? What version of McAfee agent are you running?


              RSD should uninstall gracefully. If not, there are other ways as you described, from control panel or using some scripting ..

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                Hi Hassan,



                it happens with agents with ver

                yes i know there are other ways but unfortunately i have to remediate to a situation where it was installed on about 260 agents . so manual is a expensive option...

                as i already said - if i run a client task to install RSD sensor it work in seconds , if on the same system i run the uninstall i get the error.

                thanks for cooperation

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                  i've almost the same issue wit hagent 5.0.6 and epo 5.3.2


                  some installation of rogue sensor are not correctly done because of (written in the log) the fact that uninstalling the previous version is impossible.

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                    if i understand correctly you have problems in installing RSD via ePO. i have the opposite: no problems in deploying RSD via ePO but, if i try to run the task to remove RSD , it fails... :-(