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    Scan Time Increased


      I've noticed since the update to the new UI, the time for a full scan on my system has increased from about 15 mins to about 90 mins!


      Anyone else noticed this? It certainly isn't progress.......


      Also, my VirusScan version is 20.2 build 20.2.155 dated 19/04/2017 (the engine version is bang up to date - 3066.0). There have been several updates to other components since then, so can anyone confirm this is the lastest version? I'm running McAfee Internet Security version 16.0.2

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            Latest version that is correct. Scan times being investigated but 15 minutes for a full scan that is short unless you do not have much installed? A first install after an Virusscan update can take longer the subsequent scans should be shorter but in some cases are not. that is what the techs are looking into.

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              Only about 45GB on my HDD (and that's with Win7 64bit)


              Can't stand mess and clutter and unnecessary junk........

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                I see the same (previous software version 20.1.159).  I have terabyte HDD's and multiple OS's which in turn have their own hidden recovery partitions so in my case a full scan takes absolutely ages.

                I attach some pics and a diary of my observations...thus far.

                My drives (not including the hidden Recovery ones):


                MVS version (as an ex-Moderator here I get a very long trial subscription):


                Here's a diary I made in Notepad......


                Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 fully updated, x64, MSC 16.1.160. fully updated.

                MVT produces BSOD at whatever the stage is after updating has completed.  But I realise that's a subject for another thread.

                I ran my 1st Full Scan in about a year having avoided all but Quick Scans.    It took over 3 hours just to scan my C: drive and I have 10 drives more to go....it looks like it'll last a week at the rate it's going.   It read "1%" still after 2.5 hours and 3 complete drive scans.

                On my O drive it finally jumped to 51%.

                It's now at 84% and stuck on yet another Microsoft help file.

                It seems that PDF's, Excel. Word and .reg files are extremely fascinating to MVS as it lingers on them for an inordinate amount of time.

                OK it finally ended, 4.5 hours after commencement at 212,697 files.

                Hopefully future Full Scans will be faster, if what we are told is true.

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                  mate you are on 16.1 16.2 counts all the files but still locks up but at varying percentages. Time taken was 30% shorter than my 16.1 runs.

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                    Oh, well I guess the above post is superfluous....sorry....;-)

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                      Not really a lot still have 16.1.It does re-emphasise that 16.1 locks up at 15 and my test shows so does 16.2 but at 10,13,51%. Passed that onto the Developers.

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                        I did notice that the system didn't overheat very much, as had happened with previous iterations, at least that was a blessing.

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                          16.2 second scan took 26 mins instead of original 1hr. still locked up two places and did a couple of sudden jumps in count totals but better than 16.1.

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