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      My ePO detected a trojan, please see detection details below



      Threat Target File Path: C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\McAfee\COMMON FRAMEWORK\x86\mctray.exe

      Event Category: Malware detected

      Threat Severity: Notice

      Threat Name: _               <------ What kind of threat name is this?

      Threat Type: Trojan

      Action Taken: Deleted

      Threat Handled: False


      I noticed that its a mcafee file, so the VSE cannot delete the infection, can someone verify if mctray.exe is a valid mcafee executable?

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          Moe Hassan

          secnubs, mctray.exe is a McAfee executable. Although lacking in details, it would seem that another 3rd party software is trying to modify mctray.exe. Are you using other security products or system management software? If so, you need to fine tune those. Please check your on-access logs, and perhaps Windows event logs for clues.