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    Reinstall a one computer version of McAfee


      I was assisting my mom at her church recently purchased and downloaded of of the McAfee antivirus, I think Total Protection, software programs on her desktop.  Within a few days of downloaded/upgrading the anti-virus software, her computer got hit with Ransom ware.  They are getting ride of the desktop because they can't seem to get rid of the ransom ware.  Can I still download the software to another computer?  Any assistance you can provide me would be greatly apprecatied.

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          Yes There are a couple ways. First

          1. If you can access the current PC  uninstall Mcafee as per

          Uninstall Mcafee


          Deactivate a mcafee licence

          The Programs and features option in windows will free up the licence then  you go to the new PC and open your account and click on download in Protect your devices area.


          2. If the PC is not accessible and all licences used you need to call customer service for your country or chat to them to get them to access your account and clear the licence.


          that said have has the ransomware encrypted the whole computer? what ransomware just wondering

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            Thank you Peacekeeper for the information.  I greatly appreciate your assistance and the information.


            I don't know what Ransom Ware.  It encrypted all of her files on the hard drive.  They had a computer specialist come in and try to get rid of it.  They supposedly "cleaned" the hard drive and thought all was okay.  I went in and entered a bunch of accounting entries and 2 days later I went in to continue entering information and that is when we found out that their were still "read this" files on the computer.  Their computer person said to stop using it completely.  So now they have decided to have her use the laptop that was left by the previous pastor.


            Again, thank you for your help

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              New hard drive and reinstall windows  maybe . I would have thought a reformat of the old drive and reinstall would have worked though it might be hiding in the master boot record. Sorry not a virus expert so only my thoughts.

              From barley blog

              How do I make sure that the ransomware is off of my user’s device for good?

              The safest way is to nuke the computer and bring it back to factory settings. Then restore from backup.

              If you don’t have backup you can use, the situation becomes trickier. There are things you can try to salvage some of the files from the computer such as malware-removal tools (Microsoft offers a free one), but you do run a risk of a file getting missed and the infection starting back up again.

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                MSRT is generally released monthly as part of Windows Update or as a standalone tool available here for download.


                Note;  You can also access the *MRT* tool anytime you wish,by simply clicking on start/type in "MRT" open it and click (Next) to run a Quick Scan. If it detects anything it will proceed to scan all files on your system.