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    Good Customer Servicr


      I wanted to say how pleased i have been today with the customer service given to me. I received an email to say the subscription i had, which was free with a phone purchase, had been automatically renewed at a cost of 89.99. I started a live chat with one of the customer support personell and they were very polite, helpful and efficient!! She asked why i wanted a refund, offered me a discount, did not pressure me when i declined and then processed the refund!! Yes it is a major inconvenience to not have access to such a large sum of money for a few days, but i am relieved the matter was dealt with in such a fast, friendly manner. So often people , usually for good reason, will come on a forum like this and complain about poor service so i wanted to come on and praise good service!!

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          Glad to hear that you are OK.  As an ex-Moderator here I can tell you it isn't often that compliments are posted.

          When people are happy they usually don't bother telling anyone.

          I trust the Customer Service agent pointed out that you can turn off the auto-renewal process on your account page.

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            Hi Diddy

                        I echo the same sentiments as Peter. Thank you for taking your personal time to bestow upon us these accolades. We sincerely appreciate the kind words. Please feel free to contact us should you need further assistance.



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