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    Uninstall McAfee Agent 5.0.3 Enterprise from Windows 10, when unable to upgrade




      The computer I'm using had a McAfee VirusScan Enterprise installed on it. A Windows update required to be removed, so I uninstalled everything I could. However, I cannot uninstall McAfee Agent 5.0.3.


      Programs and features says it can't be removed while in Managed Mode, and frminst.exe doesn't work on this version of Windows.


      I've seen in other questions that I'm supposed to upgrade to Agent 5.0.5 in order to uninstall, however the person who bought VSE has now left the company and no one can find what grant number they used. Therefore I cannot download an upgrade to agent 5.0.5.


      Due to this, Windows can't update.


      Is there something else I can do to get out of this deadlock?


      Thanks for any advice offered.