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    Please Make Similar Photo Cleaner White List



      McAfee Team,


      With Similar Photo Cleaner’s features, you can now quickly search identical looking images and selfies irrespective of filename and file content, and delete them.


      It is not involved in any kind of malicious activities. This app does not modify any existing system settings, nor does it inject ads or hijack browsers. It is not involved in any kind of malicious activities. Our company is not only losing millions of users but our reputation and web traffic is also getting affected because of this.


      Details of the product are as follows:

      File Name: spcsetup.exe

      Build Type: New Build

      File location: Link removed

      Website: http://similarphotocleaner.com/

      Krishan Kant Sharma
      Product Trust and Safety Manager
      PCVARK Software Pvt. Ltd.
      Email: Email removed
      Skype: kk.sharma36
      Ph: +91-141-2362324


      Message was edited by: Peace Keeper Email and program link removed a not a good idea posting email addresses in forums and against rules posting program links when that program has been detected even if falsely.