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    Some apps my son installed are not showing up


      My son has installed a few apps on his tablet lately that are not showing up in the list of apps on my phone or Family security on Windows, or on his tablet. I can see then in the activities area but I can not set rules that let me control screen time for that app or give him free access to it. There are not controls whatsoever. So far I am having this issue with different apps on his and his brothers device. Here is what I have tried so far:

      • Rebooted all devices including mine. The issue continued!
      • Killed the app on all devices. The issue continued!
      • Signed in as a parent on my childs device. The issue continued!
      • Checked device administrator and accessibility issues on all devices. The issue continued!
      • Uninstalled the app from all devices and reinstalled properly. The issue continued!

      The games that are not showing up so far are

      • Sims
      • Sims Free Play
      • Farm Simulator (FS)
      • Cookie Clickers 2

      Other apps seem to be there and they allow me to control access and screen time. Other functions of the Safe Family app work pretty well.


      My boys have identical ASUS 10 S3 tablets running Android.


      I have an iPhone 6S.


      I really need this to be addressed and fixed. I allow my boys to have two game apps unlocked each day for 30 minutes each. I wish to control their time on their tablets so that they are not vegging out on them hours without end. The Family Safe app has been great for blocking web access and websites. If this bug gets fixed I will be super happy!