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    Single Sign-On with eToken PKI certificate

      I have setup Safeboot Device Encryption v5.1.2.0 with eToken PKI certificate as logon mechanism. In order to enable SSO I have added the following settings to SBGina.ini file as described in the documentation:

      Also, I have enabled the following line: Trace.LogonWindowInfo=yes

      When it try to read data from eToken Card it show me the following error:
      "Error message: The system could not log you on. An incorrect PIN was presented to the smart card."

      I noticed that at the and of the SBGina.ini file is added automatically the following data:

      ReaderName=AKS ifdh 0
      CryptoProvider=eToken Base Cryptographic Provider

      When I put the Pin manually to the logon screen it log me on successfully.

      Any advise will be helpful. Thanks in advance!