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    Issue with removal and detection of possible trojan/virus.


      I recently got a notification from McAfee saying that my pc was at risk, so when i went to it I found that it had detected a possible virus/Trojan with the name JTI/Suspect!131076. This was found in a file called TYAV32.DLL. Conveniently, it gave me the option to delete the file, and as the file was not imperative to my pc running, I willingly pressed delete, i waited for a few minutes before questioning why it had not yet been deleted, and the loading wheel was just spinning. So i backed out of the scanning area, and checked if everything on my pc including McAfee was fully updated, and they where, so I restarted my pc and tried to delete it again, this time i left it loading for just over 8 hours to no results. I then downloaded two McAfee products for removal in hopes that they would delete the file, these programs where McAfee Stingray, and GetSusp, which was just to see if it detecting the file as suspicious, and despite customising the scans to make sure they scanned all of my drives and every file, they both found nothing wrong. I also looked up the threat on McAfee and it said that it has no records of this threat, yet when i look it up on the internet, it is supposedly a Trojan. I then followed the full path provided by McAfee to where the file that was a threat was supposed to be, but I cannot find the file anywhere on file explorer, and I even have hidden items turned on. I will send an image of McAfee attempting to delete the file in this link Removed malicious link (gyazo.comm) for the safety of others.Thank you for your time if you have read this.