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    MWG & MS Office files


      Can MWG get MS Office file (document) properties (for example - if document contains scripts) ?

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          I just did a quick property search and didn't find anything of the sort. 


          But, I like the idea of being able to get meta-properties of that sort while downloading documents in general.  But, it seems to me that would require new features involving the opener and the scanning engine.

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            Jon Scholten

            Hi Lepa and John,


            The MWG has a generic opener, than opens all sorts of files (documents, zip files, web content, etc...). If MWG opens a file (like a word doc) it creates embedded cycles. In those embedded cycles we can check for these traits.


            Here's a pseudo rule that would do what you're asking. Note: we dont know if there is script in the file until we open it or scan the embedded objects. Additionally with Macro's it can be a bit sensitive.


            If(Cycle.Name == response)


                 User-Defined.MediaType.EnsuredType.FromResponse = MediaType.EnsuredType



            If(User-Defined.MediaType.EnsuredType.FromResponse == word doc)


                 If(Cycle.Name == Embedded AND MediaType.EnsuredType == script or macros)