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    McUICnt.exe High Processor Usage


      I've noticed since the update to the new UI, often when I've been using my machine for a while, McUICnt.exe seems to be using a great deal of processor power.


      I'm alerted to this when I notice the HDD being continually accessed (HDD light continually flashing), and the CPU fan spinning loudly. If I then check in Resource Monitor, McUICnt.exe is causing the CPU's frequency to Turbo Boost to above 100% and is consuming about 25% of the CPU's usage. If I reboot, and I'm idle in Windows, then the processor is throttled back to about 33% and McUICnt.exe is using 0%.


      What is McUICnt.exe and why is it using so much processor power?


      My machine is a Core i5 laptop @2.4GHz with Windows 7 and 8GB of ram


      McAfee Internet Security 16.0.1
      SecurityCenter 16.1.160