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    How I can change a value?




      I need change a value of an event. I want to explain you, I've a raw event and this has a value type "2020" (itis a code) I know that this value "2020" is a referer as "system configuration". If I set on the event "2020" it is "system configuration".


      Now I would change the value "2020" for "system configuration" on new advanced syslog parser rule.


      The code "2020" isn't only that code, I have several codes with theses description type:


      - 2020 is system configuration

      - 2021 is auth ok

      - 2022 is auth error

      ------ serveral codes


      My question is, can I put the description on the asp rule???? type mapping????


      I hope that you can help me, please.