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    Finally had enough


      I have been a loyal McAfee User of Total Protection for a long time but finally have had enough of their taking over my PC in a totally arbitrary manner.

      The final straw is not being able to turn off the Vulnerability Scan.

      The whole situation of not being able to choose a Custom Install or at least being able to Turn Off an element of it is totally un acceptable to me and I gather many others.

      Until they treat us as Adults and return our Rights to select what we want to run on OUR MACHINES I for one want nothing more to do with McAfee.



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          I will pass this onto the techs at our call tomorrow I agree one should have the custom install back. Will stir for you. Ok added this to our agenda should at least have VS as a feature like they do with parental controls or anti spam.

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            I don't understand...I can turn mine off as always and I have the latest version (blue-white UI).

            (Don't forget to click Apply.  If this window doesn't open, then try rebooting your system as sometimes that happens after an update, you need to completely restart the system).


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              What we have been told is try to install late at night say 11pm that should give you the old installer and the old Interface as throttling would have used up the day's new installs allowance. Interesting option. I have asked that the request of yours be passed up the line. What Peter is wondering I assume is if you do not click any default scan or scheduled scan options in VS and select "do not set a scheduled scan" option does it still scan or not.


              PS Which interface were you on blue or green?

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                Just included an image above which I forgot to include.

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                  Actually I was able to do a Custom Install, and capable of excluding the Vulnerability Scanner.

                  I am running McAfee LiveSafe 16.1.160 (Blue) UI.


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                    I wonder if maybe Mike didn't scroll down to see the no schedule option? On the VS topic, recently I noticed my SC (Green) switched back to McAfee schedule by itself. I changed it back to no and it has stuck since then. Weird.

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                      I agree!  I upgraded to Total Protection and have carefully followed every direction, error msg, and "try this" note! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!  So take your ****(Edited by Moderator) av apps and put them where the sun don't shine,  I'd ask for a refund but it would probably be as mucch trouble without results as trying to install!!!!

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                        Did you call support they would be able to help you install if not they can escalate the issue to a higher level tech, Are you having a problem installing? Is this an upgrade from another Mcafee product so if so did you uninstall  via windows Programs and features and reboot then run MCPR the removal tool and reboot before installing the new product?


                        After MCPR try

                        Download and run the Pre-Install tool and the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool:

                        • Pre-Install tool
                          1. Download the following file and save it to your desktop: Pre-InstallTool.
                          2. Double-click the Pre-Install_Tool.exe file, and follow the prompts.
                          3. Read the warning message and click OK to agree to the changes.
                          4. After the Preinstall Tool completes, click OK, click Close, and restart your computer.

                        When your computer restarts, wait a short while longer (approximately 15-30 minutes) then try to download and install your McAfee product again.


                        Uninstall McAfee software

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                          That said you can request a refund within a certain period by calling customer service. Links on the support link I posted. If past 30 days after purchase not that easy if at all possible to refund.

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