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    LiveSafe vs Malwarebytes - LiveSafe Firewall failing to block unwanted sites calls



      I recently installed Malwarebytes Premium Trial version and could observe that the product is successfully blocking calls to unwanted sites.

      Whereas I am using McAfee LiveSafe since few years - whenever I visit some online streaming sites sometimes the popup comes up suggesting I am lucky winner, or my machine has virus and not allowing me to go out of that new tab opened.


      My question is why McAfee LiveSafe Firewall is failing to block those sites on the fly where as Malawarebytes has that capability.


      For examples - few URLs blocked realtime by Malwarebytes:






      Your response will help me to decide on upgrade my free version of Malwarebytes to registered version.

      I could seethe stats that LiveSafe Firewall is not blocking any of these calls.