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    "Properly" check in ENS 10.5  and updates


      We are using ENS 10.5.1 with ePO 5.3.2 and the latest agent.  I am a little confused about how to properly check in updates and patches to ENS 10.5.1 in ePO.  In the Software Manager ENS 10.5 has a status of "Up To Date".  And I know we are deploying and running Patch 1 and its working great. Its just confusing as to why ePO doesn't show a "Checked in Version" in the Software manager.  And how do I properly check in "Hotfix 2" and deploy it?  Here is an image of what I am seeing.  ENS doesn't seem o behave like VSE did in regards to software management in ePO.  Do I check in the "Bundle" or the individual products or both?  Have been pouring through the Doc but just can't seem to get anywhere.


      Thanks in advance for the help!




      Had this posted in the ENS forum but ePO forum might be a better place.