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    Make that annoying popup for supscription renewal at least optional.


      I have "McAfee All Access - Total Protection" since five years.

      My subscription end point every year is september 9th.
      I know myself how to make sure I renew before that date.


      This year you decided to advertice less subtle,

      trying to force me into a renewal,

      by putting an ad in my face every day,

      two months ahead.


      It sucks when I am in the middle of something

      and my focus is ripped out of it by your ad.


      At least make it an optional renewal setting,

      or have a checkbox on your ad:

      [x] Got it! Don't show me again.


      I think pushing renewal this way is stuppid;

      you may not get the results you want.
      I will renew at september 9th.
      But if next year it is the same thing,
      I will start looking for alternatives.